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3DO Interactive Multiplayer Manuals

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (often called simply 3DO) is a video game console developed by The 3DO Company. The 3DO was released in North America on October 4, 1993, Japan on March 20, 1994 and in Europe in 1994. The system was conceived by entrepreneur and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins.

Instead of The 3DO Company producing the console themselves, they licensed other manufacturers to produce them. Panasonic produced the first models in 1993, and further renditions of the hardware were released in 1994 by Sanyo and GoldStar (now LG). The consoles were manufactured according to specifications created by The 3DO Company, and were originally designed by Dave Needle and R. J. Mical of New Technology Group.

Despite a highly promoted launch (including being named Time magazine's "1994 Product of the Year") and a host of cutting-edge technologies, the 3DO's high price (US$699 at launch), limited third-party developer support, and an over-saturated console market prevented the system from achieving success comparable to competitors Sega and Nintendo.

Since its discontinuation in late 1996, the 3DO has been frequently derided by video game historians.


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Console Manual Collection
The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

button 71
press 66
projection television 46
game 42
directional 32
warranty 32
directional pad 26
player 24
screen 24
control pad 23
menu 23
select 23
software 23
pad 20
cursor 15
highlight 15
electronic arts 14
projection 14
interactive 13
left shift 12
electronic 11
main menu 11
technical support 11
icon 10
arts software 9
customer service 9
enemy 9
interplay 9
character 8
control 8
crystal dynamics 8
gun 8
implied 8
matsushita 8
menu screen 8
pressing 8
dynamics 7
inventory 7
laser 7
mission 7
option 7
armor 6
controls 6
crystal 6
customer support 6
defense 6
fighter 6
matsushita electric 6
recording medium 6
american laser 5
ball 5
data 5
game screen 5
map 5
mode 5
option button 5
save game 5
saved game 5
sega 5
shift button 5
toggle 5
unit 5
warranties 5
weapons 5
ammo 4
arts 4
battle 4
calibration 4
cannon 4
center 4
choose 4
click 4
control port 4
controller 4
disc 4
figure 4
hit points 4
intellimedia 4
item 4
limited warranty 4
missile 4
ond 4
options 4
press left 4
shift 4
shift buttons 4
software product 4
tournament 4
virgin interactive 4
weapon 4
web site 4
wide web 4
alien 3
audio 3
buttons 3
cable 3
cartoon 3
damage 3
direction pad 3
dps 3
electric corporation 3
epileptic 3
friends volume 3
gametek 3
gex 3
hints 3
intelliplay 3
interplay productions 3
joypad 3
kps 3
lester 3
level 3
lor 3
magic 3
meters 3
move 3
object 3
options menu 3
panasonic 3
press play 3
product 3
psygnosis 3
readysoft 3
rhe 3
sampler 3
select screen 3
selection 3
shield 3
ship 3
special moves 3
stage 3
start button 3
tail whip 3
tournament mode 3
track 3
turbo 3
universal 3
viewing 3
virgin 3
woodpecker 3
woody 3
woody woodpecker 3
ace 2
air 2
arcade 2
armor class 2
automated support 2
autoplay 2
avec 2
avoid 2
bear 2
black diamond 2
blast 2
borf 2
cds 2
characters 2
characters continued 2
clicking 2
code 2
collect 2
combat 2
command 2
compact disc 2
connect 2
control menu 2
copyrighted 2
customer 2
cybertech 2
demos 2
dexter 2
difficulty levels 2
digital pictures 2
directed 2
direction 2
directional arrow 2
dungeon 2
electric industrial 2
enter 2
family 2
family member 2
family wins 2
fast money 2
fatty 2
fatty bear 2
fire button 2
flightstick 2
flipper 2
flippers 2
fumio ono 2
game controls 2
game guru 2
game speed 2
gecko 2
globe 2
golf 2
grid 2
high score 2
hint 2
hit 2
hit paws 2
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Date Published
3DO Manual: Panasonic FZ-10 Interactive Multiplayer (1994)(Matsushita)(US)
Topics: button, pad, directional, unit, audio, track, cds, screen, cable, set, pad select, output jack,...
3DO Manual: DeathKeep (1995)(SSi)(US)
Topics: character, mage, armor, weapons, spells, damage, creatures, spell, inventory, press, mage spells,...
3DO Manual: NeuroDancer - Journey Into The Neuronet (1994)(Pixis Interactive)(US)
Topics: button, directional, interactive, press, vidfone, screen, pad, pixis, projection, warranties,...
3DO Manual: Gex (1995)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[a]
Topics: gex, gecko, button, directional, dynamics, paws, game, crystal, directional pad, press, hit paws,...
3DO Manual: Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[about the movie]
Topics: electronic, psychic, arts, software, michael, simmons, warranty, interactive, kaplan, sanborn,...
3DO Manual: Sesame Street - Numbers (1994)(EA Kids)(US)
Topics: sesame, star, press, move, arts, warranty, elmo, electronic, television, software, paper clips,...
3DO Manual: John Madden Football (1994)(EA Sports)(US)
Topics: press, electronic, defensive, quarterback, halfback, game, receiver, audible, offensive, defense,...
3DO Manual: Brain Dead 13 Starring Fritz (1995)(ReadySoft)(US)
Topics: readysoft, incorporated, braindead, fritz, projection, implied, warranty, warranties, web,...
3DO Manual: Panasonic REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer - Sampler CD (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Topics: directional, button, storage, pad, disc, toexit, figure, press, manager, sampler, directional pad,...
3DO Manual: Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(US)[Victory Streak]
Topics: kilrathi, ond, fighters, fighter, ships, velocity, kps, missile, dps, confederation, meters mass,...
3DO Manual: Slayer (1994)(SSi)(US)
Topics: character, armor, spell, spells, level, weapons, hit, mage, dungeon, cleric, experience levels,...
3DO Manual: Shadow - War of Succession (1994)(Tribeca Digital Studios)(US)
Topics: shadow, riggs, carlos, tribeca, punch, riddick, stiles, erika, kick, button, tribeca digital,...
3DO Manual: Casper (1996)(Interplay)(US)
Topics: casper, interplay, morph, inventory, carrigan, software, press, whipstaff, puzzle, warranty, wide...
3DO Manual: Need for Speed, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(EU-US)
Topics: press, shift, options, select, route, highlight, electronic, control, return, menu, checkpoint...
3DO Manual: Theme Park (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Topics: park, icon, press, rhe, highlight, theme, screen, ride, che, rides, park screen, purchaser screen,...
3DO Manual: Dinopark Tycoon (1994)(MECC)(US)
Topics: dinopark, tycoon, multiplayer, minnesota, summit, screen, mecc, click, dinopark tycoon, game,...
3DO Manual: BattleSport (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Topics: opponent, arena, mode, button, player, instant, tank, press, battlesport, store, evan margolin,...
3DO Manual: Super Wing Commander (1994)(Electronic Arts)[clawmarks]
Topics: kilrathi, meters, kps, terran, dps, ypr, enemy, velocity, armor, fighter, blast radius, laser...
3DO Manual: Doom (1995)(Art Data)(US)
Topics: key, doom, screen, armor, weapon, left, ammo, arrow, button, automap, arrow key, key speed, art...
3DO Manual: Carrier - Fortress at Sea (1995)(RMG - Dentsu USA)(US)
Topics: joypad, menu, software, matsushita, panasonic, fortress, selection, warranty, data, center,...
3DO Manual: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (1995)(Bandai)(JP)
Topics: lir, sailormoon, slixjksiysjwtl, sailormercury, shaoamn, bhffifc, ehiihl, feadlssbmr, plrf,...
3DO Manual: Dragon's Lair (1993)(ReadySoft)(US)
Topics: dirk, sega, sword, readysoft, singe, button, tentacles, jump, knight, ooze, dirk enters, dirk...
3DO Manual: Cyberia (1996)(Interplay)(US)
Topics: fhe, interplay, blades, devlin, fwa, warranty, cyberia, zak, menu system, santos, barry dempsey,...
3DO Manual: Myst (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Topics: button, cursor, pad, pressed, quit, robyn, menu, directional, game, data, directional pad, control...
3DO Manual: Road Rash (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Topics: electronic, aam, randy, jeff, warranty, race, arts, game, software, liy, big game, rod gross,...
3DO Manual: Lost Eden (1993)(Virgin)(US)
Topics: virgin, controller, button, cursor, citadels, companions, product, interactive, moorkus, screen,...
3DO Manual: Snow Job Starring Tracy Scoggins (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Topics: inventory, button, press, game, item, pointer, toggle, highlight, action, select, selected action,...
3DO Manual: 3DO System Manual (1994)(GoldStar)(US)
Topics: goldstar, system, product, audio, interactive, cable, cds, disc, surround, connect, shift key,...
3DO Manual: Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Topics: controls, basmffieaabem, rln, jil, tfjtmiilttui, wesmm, ejaasraai, esoaims, tebjbhebbbnbb,...
3DO Manual: Woody Woodpecker and Friends - Volume Three (1994)(MCA Universal Home Video)(US)
Topics: woody, universal, woodpecker, cartoon, icon, pressing, projection, button, controller, viewing,...
3DO Manual: Crash 'n Burn (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)
Topics: tournament, armor, track, explosive, weapon, reactive, kevlar, button, laser, racing, unlimited...
3DO Manual: Panzer General (1995)(Mindscape - SSi)(US)
Topics: units, unit, enemy, air, artillery, attack, defense, infantry, button, tactical, elite...
3DO Manual: Ballz - The Director's Cut (1995)(Panasonic)(US)
Topics: damage, moves, defense, aerial, attacks, press, fighter, ballz, player, special, charge attacks,...
3DO Manual: Supreme Warrior - Ying Heung (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)
Topics: fang, button, wei, sega, hing, jian, shaolin, digital, hatu, warlord, wei jian, press button, wei...
3DO Manual: Battle Chess (1993)(Interplay)(US)
Topics: chess, pawn, interplay, move, game, piece, battle, king, pawns, figure, open path, chess piece,...
3DO Manual: Wolfenstein 3d (1994)(Interplay)(US)
Topics: interplay, wolfenstein, nazi, hidden, warranty, software, hints, ammo, copyright, button,...
3DO Manual: Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)
Topics: zack, vakkar, ari, clicking, matsushita, center, warranty, daedalus, interactive, probe, matsushita...
3DO Manual: Hell - A Cyberpunk Thriller (1994)(Take 2)(US)
Topics: cursor, object, press, pressing, rachel, appear, game, gideon, inventory, rhe, move gideon, marie...
3DO Manual: Woody Woodpecker and Friends - Volume One (1994)(MCA Universal Home Video)(US)
Topics: woody, woodpecker, universal, cartoon, icon, pressing, projection, button, controller, viewing,...
3DO Manual: 3DO Blaster User's Guide (1994)(Creative Technologies)
Topics: blaster, vga, connector, figure, audio, user, overlay, player, dialog, control, blaster user,...
3DO Manual: Slam 'N Jam '95 (1995)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)
Topics: press, player, highlight, slam, select, button, playoff, season, dynamics, jam, left shift, free...
3DO Manual: Iron Angel of the Apocalypse (1994)(Synergy)(US)
Topics: tetsujin, data, select, motoid, menu, direction, stage, motoids, turbo, screen, canopy screen,...
3DO Manual: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Topics: turbo, super, fighter, button, directed, directional, player, battle, super street, lor, street...
3DO Manual: Real Pinball (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[a]
Topics: ball, flipper, flippers, matsushita, freeway, button, tilt, stage, message, press, kazuhiko...
3DO Manual: PGA Tour 96 (1995)(EA Sports)(US)
Topics: pga, select, players, press, ball, highlight, game, player, swing, electronic, rules screen, course...
3DO Manual: Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Topics: holmes, command, electronic, cursor, press, righls, select, inventory, item, sherlock, shift...
3DO Manual: Perfect General, The (1995)(Kirin Entertainment)(US)
Topics: units, unit, menu, defense, mode, inflicted, tournament, button, press, transported, selected area,...
3DO Manual: BladeForce (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Topics: helipak, enemies, bombs, weapons, source, projectiles, toss, enemy, targeting, flightstick, flight...
3DO Manual: FIFA International Soccer (1994)(EA Sports)(US)
Topics: game, press, ball, soccer, player, team, select, screen, controllers, fifa, spinning soccer, team...
3DO Manual: Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[playing the movie]
Topics: psychic, movie, game, character, press, behavior, icon, eric, laina, disc, game screen, conclusion...
3DO Manual: Jurassic Park Interactive (1994)(Universal Interactive Studios)(US)
Topics: jurassic, icon, cargo, computer, game, raptors, press, park, button, interactive, score table, safe...
3DO Manual: Gex (1995)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)
Topics: gex, crystal, gecko, dynamics, paws, rez, directional, button, remote, game, projection television,...
3DO Manual: PO'ed (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Topics: righl, software, jetpack, ammo, button, weapon, damage, game, warranty, monsters, map mode, frying...
3DO Manual: Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[briefing guide]
Topics: alien, electronic, jumpgate, artifact, craft, cortez, software, pericata, strategy analysis,...
3DO Manual: Zhadnost - The Peoples Party (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Topics: character, player, control, grid, zygi, pad, quotatron, press, challenger, step, separate...
3DO Manual: Alone in the Dark (1994)(Interplay)(US)
Topics: ond, pod, button, eht, character, hod, press, ore, rhe
3DO Manual: Alone in the Dark 2 (1995)(Interplay)(US)
Topics: interplay, directional, press, button, hollwood, pad, select, character, pressing, warranty, wide...
3DO Manual: Super Wing Commander (1994)(Electronic Arts)
Topics: ship, nav, enemy, cockpit, onboard, vdu, autopilot, press, radar, missile, computer screens, system...
3DO Manual: Quarantine (1994)(Gametek)(US)
Topics: kemo, button, hover, gametek, armor, hydergine, corp, wayfinder, fare, driving, highway safety,...
3DO Manual: Way of the Warrior (1994)(Universal Interactive Studios)(US)
Topics: button, moves, press, perform, shift, skull, nobunaga, gaines, querious, ninja, special moves,...
3DO Manual: StarBlade (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Topics: pad, center, direction, projection, laser, cannon, beam, buttons, press, namco, direction pad, beam...
3DO Manual: Killing Time (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Topics: press, game, conway, highlight, tess, killing, toggle, screen, runtime, winged, status wing,...
3DO Manual: 3D Atlas (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Topics: press, globe, highlight, electronic, atlas, list, map, menu, globes, images, environmental globe,...
3DO Manual: Primal Rage (1995)(GoldStar)(EU-US)
Topics: button, ond, dino, buttons, chomp, option, burton, select, life blood, player, jab button,...
3DO Manual: Family Feud (1994)(Gametek)(US)[a]
Topics: family, button, gametek, highlight, press, player, pad, game, toggle, enter, family member, time...
3DO Manual: Star Wars - Rebel Assault (1993)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Topics: directional, pad, press, button, assault, rookie, lec, rebel, controls, lucasarts, flight controls,...
3DO Manual: Corpse Killer (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)
Topics: sega, press, magic, cay, esrb, genesis, zombies, video, elgin, shadowman, black magic
3DO Manual: Lucienne's Quest (1996)(Panasonic)(US)
Topics: magic, character, cursor, unavailable, items, enemy, move, select, shield, battle, enemy attacks,...
3DO Manual: Demolition Man (1994)(Virgin)(US)
Topics: phoenix, mission, button, score, joypad, interactive, bullet, displays, shooting, spartan, hand...
3DO Manual: BC Racers (1995)(GoldStar)(US)
Topics: button, bike, heat, ploying, riders, pressing, race, press, piess, game, start button, league...
3DO Manual: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[a]
Topics: turbo, super, fighter, button, directed, directional, player, battle, super street, lor, street...
3DO Manual: ESPN Baseball - Interactive Hitting (1994)(IntelliPlay)(US)
Topics: press, intellimedia, menu, topics, highlight, program, coach, intelliplay, autoplay, play,...
3DO Manual: Mathemagics - An Interactive Learning Cube (1994)(L3 Interactive)
Topics: interactive, cube, lesson, video, button, implied, highlighted, directional, transportext,...
3DO Manual: Jammit (1994)(GTE)(US)
Topics: gte, fouls, software, score, warranty, outs, chill, game, slams, jammit, target score, fouls...
3DO Manual: Panasonic FZ-21S1 Operating Instructions (1998)(Matsushita)(US)
Topics: sur, pas, avec, les, une, risque, unit, dans, manuel, cable, pas placer, harmful interference,...